Blogger is a Great Tool for Small Business

Sometimes people wonder why I use Blogger to create great-looking websites instead of custom-designing a website. First of all and on a personal level, custom-design means working all day in boring code - it's just not a ton of fun to do, so I leave that to the other guys. I like to work in what-you-see-is-what-you-get, playing with design, color, fonts, pictures, light and shadows. I love the easy-add gadgets and functionality that Blogger provides which make it a perfect way for Lonny Ward Consulting to offer you a low-cost website package that is the perfect alternative to having a custom code website built for thousands of dollars. Besides all that, Blogger offers FREE hosting, which can't be beat anywhere else. 

But I think the biggest advantage and the most persuasive reason Blogger is perfect for designing websites is that once the site is built, my clients can run their websites themselves.
Of course, I offer monthly updating services, and some of my clients take advantage of this offer to save themselves time, but they pay very little for this service because it only takes me a few hours to update a website with information that might takes days or weeks if I were using custom code.

Though I've known and promoted the benefits of using Blogger for custom professional websites for a long time, I haven't heard a lot about it from others. So I was thrilled to read this article on Blogger Buzz by David Kutcher, an innovative web developer from Northampton Massachusetts and owner of the graphic design and custom web-based software development firm Confluent Forms LLC. Kutcher writes about why using Blogger for your website may be the perfect choice for your businesses. It all depends on what exactly you need, because while we all want to get the benefits of a great website, there's no need for small business owners to pay top dollar for functionality that they don't need and won't use.

I'm happy to share with you this second witness of all the great things you can do with Blogger. So check out the websites that can be created with the power of Blogger in both Kutcher's article and on my web design page to have a look at what I can do for you. Whether you want me to design your site for an unbelievably low price or have me teach you how to do it yourself, now's the time to discover all of the great things a top-notch Blogger website can do for your business.

Here are the links to the article by David Kutcher - Enjoy!

Erika Ward, Web Designer, Lonny Ward Consulting

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